The Clinic:  Dr. Thomas W. Barkham is a 5th generation Barkham in the village of Goodison. He established his practice in 1975 remodeling the old Jenkins Barber shop into the present day Paint Creek Animal Clinic. His oldest daughter and youngest son Carrie & Thomas William Barkham have joined him in the practice, and are graduates from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine Together, they provide high quality, modern medical care for your animals at competitive prices.  This care includes excellent diagnostics, x-rays, dental care, lab services, internal medicine, nutrition consultation, wellness exams, international testing, vaccinations, surgery, and more.

Although it is not required by the state or other clinics we regularly attend continuing education courses to provide your animals with the greatest professional standard of care. We believe an educated pet owner makes the best decisions for their pet.  We do our best to help our clients fully understand and take care of their animal's needs.

The Veterinarians:

Dr. Thomas W. Barkham

Dr. Thomas William Barkham

Dr. Carrie Barkham


4315 Orion Drive, Rochester, MI  48306   |   (248) 651-8345